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Anti-Trap Music (2016) – Horseshoe Gang – Album Review

Anti-Trap Music (2016) - Horseshoe Gang - Album Cover

Album Cover

Horseshoe Gang are a hip hop quartet hailing from Long Beach, California. To my surprise, all four of them are the younger brothers of Slaughterhouse member Crooked I (also known as KXNG Crooked) but they are quickly making a name for themselves in the hip hop game. I’m sure many, including myself, first heard of the group in their highly publicized rap battle against rapper Hopsin and his (former) Funk Volume label. Many popular media outlets have been showing a lot of love to Horeshoe Gang and it is very much deserved. Publicity like this is hard for many to come by but Horseshoe Gang has far surpassed the Hopsin/Funk Volume beef and they have demonstrated their true talent when it comes to raw lyricism. Raw lyricism, I should add, that has been well documented on Sway Calloway’s morning show as the group effortlessly murdered their Friday Fire Cypher.

But Horseshoe Gang are continually putting in the work and the timing is prime with their latest album titled Anti-Trap Music, their fourth studio release. At 12 tracks deep, Anti-Trap Music is a compact album and a worthwhile showcase for their growing fan base, especially for those who have discovered them via their recent publicity.

Their raw lyricism and wit is ever present on Anti-Trap Music from track one till the album’s end. It’s filled with zingers as they boast about their dominance over others in the game and they aren’t afraid to take shots at other established artists and the times that they do are humorous for sure.

But Horseshoe Gang are still aware of their presence as a black group in the United States and they showcase their anger with the powerful track “Shoe-icide Squad” (one of my favorite tracks) with bars that will have certain types of people up in arms.

The track “Who’s The Best Rapper” is another top fave of mine mainly because of its style and execution. It is a chill track done a cappella as Horseshoe Gang engages in a rapping conversation on who, as the track title suggests, the best rapper is in hip hop history. Hip hop artists have been notorious for not praising those (especially legends) that came before them and it is very refreshing hearing a track like this and the fact that Horseshoe Gang give due praise to their older brother Crooked I was definitely the cherry on top of an otherwise excellent track.

I may have only highlighted a couple of tracks in this review but that should not take away from the overall quality that is Horseshoe Gang’s Anti-Trap Music. The album is relentless with lyricism and interesting production choices that range from the old school to the futuristic.

I am glad to have gotten a hold of this project and I’m glad seeing Horseshoe Gang continuing their come up and they definitely have a bright future ahead of them. Just read the overwhelming praise the group has received since their time on Sway’s morning show. You will see what I mean.

Anti-Trap Music by Horseshoe Gang will be released on April 29th, 2016 via Seven 13 Music & Entertainment.

New fans of the group, including myself, should take heed of this release date and show their support.

Horseshoe Gang is here to stay.

Check out their Friday Fire Cypher on Sway In The Morning below.

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