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Blackland Radio 66.6, Pt. 2: Episode 1 (2016) – SpaceGhostPurrp – Mixtape Review

Blackland Radio 66.6, Pt. 2: Episode 1 - Mixtape Cover

Mixtape Cover

With it now being the latter half of the 2010s decade, SpaceGhostPurrp to this day sporadically releases a project here and there along with some tracks much to my excitement as well as to the excitement of his loyal fan base, which I of course I am a part of. Purrp’s status and notorious behavior is well known if you’ve followed this part of the underground internet hip hop scene so I won’t discuss it much here. But lets just say that if it wasn’t for his loyal fan base, Purrp could have possibly faded into memory entirely since his releases have survived really because fans have re-uploaded them to YouTube and other free music outlets across the internet.

I’m not sure why Purrp feels the need to remove a project or track completely from circulation some months (sometimes more, sometimes less) after he releases one but this has been typical of him as of late. His behavior is the same on Twitter as well. He’ll make an account, tweet a multitude of hilarious and brutally honest things, then before we know it he’ll delete the account and start a completely new one out of the blue and they cycle keeps on.

Purrp’s inaccessibility and behavior may be attributed to a number of things. There have been many fan discussions regarding these topics and former members of Purrp’s Raider Klan clique have provided their own explanations. Whatever the reasons may be, it’s unfortunate seeing the number of bridges that have been burnt between Purrp, old Klan members, affiliates and the fans themselves. But for me, I still consider Purrp in my top 3 favorite rapper / producers to come out the underground internet hip hop scene this 2010s decade, my other two being Tyler, the Creator and Lil’ Ugly Mane. There had been rumors and strong speculations of Purrp dropping a sequel to his hit debut 2011 mixtape Blackland Radio 66.6, and in May of 2016 we were blessed with its release.

Blackland Radio 66.6, Pt. 2: Episode 1 is the full title of this much anticipated follow up and it’s galore with the best of Purrp’s isms like the grimy Mortal Kombat video game samples and the low-fi sound akin to Purrp’s discography. This Blackland sequel is the darkest production I’ve heard from Purrp. It feels very satanic given the atmosphere and the lyrical content, both of which sound like they were done under the influence.

The project runs 10 tracks with no features othere than the last track, which doesn’t have Purrp at all but instead is a track featuring artists Chxpo and Black Kray exclusively, two up and comers quickly making names for themselves in the scene. This is a stylistic choice Purrp did as well back on the first Blackland tape with two tracks belonging exclusively to other artists, one with Lil’ Ugly Mane and the other with Stonergang Raiders featuring Main Attrakionz.

I should make clear on why I mean this project feels satanic. The production has that same classic Purrp feel but this time it feels more spiritual in a haunting type of way. There are sprinklings of indistinct ghostly cries throughout many of the tracks and hearing Purrp spit about graphic murder sequences, deviant (and at times) violent sexual activities with women, how the devil has taken his soul and how he even feels like the rampaging hate crime racist Dylann Roof all sound like cries for help but it all is in line with Purrp’s persona albeit in its most extreme form from what I’ve seen from him.

My top favorite tracks are “T.R.I.L.L.”, “Big Tymer 2K16” and “So Icey Goth La Flexico’s” which is the track exclusively featuring Chxpo and Black Kray. I am still debating which is my absolute fave and as of right now it’s between “Big Tymer 2K16” and “So Icey Goth”. Runner up faves of mine are “Revenge 2” and “Better Dayz” which is produced by BMB Loko Los.

Die hard Purrp fans, like myself, will love this release and once again I’m jamming it continuously like the rest of Purrp’s discography. No matter reputation or status, there is no one in the underground internet hip hop scene making music like SpaceGhostPurrp. He is one of the originals who set the scene on fire and his influence is ever-present to this day.

Blackland Radio 66.6, Pt. 2: Episode 1 is excellent and I am glad to see Purrp still making music. And as always, I’m looking forward to what this underground genius and legend gives us next.


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