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LEGENDARI (2016) – Dari Loso – Album Review

LEGENDARI (2016) - Dari Loso - Album Cover

Album Cover

I’ve come across a number of underground hip hop gems in this 2010s decade that I have repeatedly gone back to. And thanks in part to the genius of TrillPhonk’s YouTube channel, I can continually stay plugged into the scene and sample a plethora of artists that would’ve likely taken me a longer time to discover on my own. One of my latest finds was the album LENGEDARI by an artist named Dari Loso and little did I know, I was in for a sweet surprise.

A growing up-and-comer from Puyallup / Seattle, Washington, Dari Loso has already collaborated with the likes of Ruben Slikk and two of my favorites from Awful Records: Ethereal and Slug Christ. With a solid library of music already underneath his belt, Dari Loso has recently released his latest project titled LEGENDARI, an album boasting a very satisfying 31 tracks.

With me being a near complete novice to Dari Loso, I sat back and listened to LEGENDARI from top to bottom. Needless to say, I was surprised how much I enjoyed the album and from the start it didn’t let off. I will admit that on my first listen, it was the production I mostly took notice of. Production, according to Dari Loso, which was handled by those in his camp and with a few tracks he produced himself. Although outstanding and very original, on subsequent listens, I began to take notice of Dari Loso’s flow and how well he complimented the production.

I love the overall sound and feel of the album and my top favorite tracks were “Tha Mackn Jackn”, “Late Night Clips On Clips”, “Fuck Em All” and “Roll Wit A Nigga Roll”. I absolutely destroyed the replay button on the fourth track mentioned out of these faves and this same track was completely stuck in my head for a little more than a week. I say this out of happiness, not out of despair like most earworms tend to be.

LEGENDARI has thoroughly succeeded in putting me on to Dari Loso and I will happily be keeping an eye on this kid as his career continues to grow and so to with his popularity.

They say to never judge a book by its cover but before I finish here I must mention the artwork for this album because it is absolutely amazing. I love the throwback PS1 layout, the epic font spelling out LEGENDARI, and the godly painting sitting nicely in the backdrop. I find all of it very awesome and very telling of Dari Loso’s creativity. It’s projects like these that keep me in love with this generation of music coming out of the underground.

You can listen to LEGENDARI by Dari Loso on TrillPhonk’s YouTube channel below.

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