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Age of the Aura, Phase I: Champions of Power
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Nothing was more powerful than an Aura. It was a coveted might of celestial creation and the Blessed Galaxy had five of them. For millennia, the governing bodies harnessed the Auras while ruling their respective reaches of space. They were almost untouchable. But now they face the threat of a calamity from an unlikely source, which could shake the lives of all. Lowen Vars, a devout man of science, decides to take on the burden of saving the Galaxy. But he soon realizes the difficulty of playing the role of a hero while he begins the fateful saga of the Blessed Galaxy.



Age of the Aura, Phase II: The Fated Void
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Victory has sunk deep into Lowen Vars. After he successfully acquires the blue Aura of the Blessed Galaxy, Lowen’s actions have far-reaching repercussions on all those around him. Toran and Ambrose Monvaldo, brothers and heirs of the Aortia Realm, are captured as a result of Lowen’s actions and are thrown into the slave trade of Lark Emric, the twisted Emperor of the Radossian Dominion. As Lowen scrambles to correct his mistakes, the Monvaldo brothers are put into a situation that will decide both their fates. But the Blessed Galaxy still faces the impending doom of Balance Point as time continues to move forward.




Samuel is currently writing his third book. It will be a standalone science fiction novel unrelated to the Age of the Aura series. Phase III of the Age of the Aura series will follow.

Untitled Standalone Novel: 2016

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