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Time To Feast (2016) – Three Headed Beast – Album Review

Time To Feast (2016) - Three Headed Beast - Album Cover

Album Cover

The United Kingdom has been growing immensely over the years in regards to hip hop. I’d say it has hit critical mass but that’s not to say the scene has peaked. The UK is no stranger to the game and lately I’ve made it a habit to keep my ears open for anything that catches my attention. Mostly I have kept up with UK’s rap battle league, Don’t Flop Entertainment, and through it I’ve become more and more accustomed to the various flow types and accents. Clear giveaway that I am American. I know.

But recently a project by a UK trio, aptly calling themselves Three Headed Beast, fell into my hands. Time To Feast is the name of their latest project and it is an album 15 tracks deep. Three Headed Beast consists of members Twizzy, M.A.B and Jinxsta JX who are all hot off of a two-year hiatus. A hiatus implemented so the three could focus on their respective careers.

But how is their debut project, Time To Feast, exactly? A solid work by the trio and an excellent introduction to their sound. I have been a lifelong student of the game and I always appreciate artists who show love to the golden age of hip hop. With that said, Time To Feast does not disappoint. The production was handled by a various number of individuals, all of course hailing from the UK, and the boom bap-inspired beats will have your head bopping from track 1 to the finish.

Lyrically Twizzy, M.A.B and Jinxsta JX are highly gifted. But to this day I am always in awe at how fast UK hip hop artists are able to spit. And it’s not like they are all spitting willy-nilly rhymes mind you. Some of them very well could be but that is not the case with Three Headed Beast. There is meaning behind their words.

My favorite tracks off of Time To Feast are “Control”, “Gilbert’s Grape”, “To The Slaughter”, and “Now That You’re Gone”. “Control” is an introspective track with good social commentary and I always appreciate it when artists are aware of the goings-on of the world we live in. “Gilbert’s Grape” and “to The Slaughter” are rugged lyrical tracks and I am still debating which of the two enjoy the most, especially in regards to their production. And “Now That You’re Gone”, is a very smooth and funky track production-wise and I am always a sucker for great samples in hip hop.

Time To Feast is a quality project and excellent debut by Three Headed Beast. The UK is very hungry and it’s feasting time for them in the hip hop game. I am glad I had the opportunity to give this album a listen and I still have more listens to go.

You can click HERE to stream and purchase Time To Feast by Three Headed Beast via their official Bandcamp page.

I look forward to seeing where the trio goes from here.


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